In their head – On the run

“I can’t stay on the T.  If they find me, I’d be trapped in the tunnels.

“Where am I gonna go now? Can’t go home.  They got Bergie at the bank, and Jed wasn’t there with the car when I got out.  For all I know, they already know who I am and where I live, and they’ll be waiting if I go back. 

“All I’ve got is the $1500 I got from the bank.  If I didn’t have to have the bills counted out one at a time to keep from getting a dye pack I’d have more.  $1500 isn’t going to take me very far.  I can’t even use my bank card to get my own money.  They’ll be able to track me if I use it.

“A cop!  Oh, he’s just working the construction site.  Who’s he talking to on his radio?  Great, now he’s looking this way.  Better go.  Don’t rush – keep it normal…”

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