In their head – Give a guy a break

I’m going to have to find another physical therapist, one that’s a little more considerate.  So I didn’t have my wallet with me.  Is that any reason to waste my time?  I told the lady in the office that I don’t drive and that getting around to that office is really inconvenient.  All my follow-up visits before didn’t have a copayment.  So this one does, no reason I can’t pay it later on. 

But no.  They have to have their copayment up front.  Sure there are signs in the office, but you can’t see the signs until you’re there.  It’s a stupid rule.  Not only is it not very compassionate, but it leaves the doctor with an open appointment slot where he’s not making any money.  It wastes everybody’s time.  They’d still make more money by keeping the appointment, even if I never made the copayment.

All doctors process patients like cattle these days, spending as little time as possible on each visit.  But this is too much.  They are not going to get any of my business in the future.

In their head - Give a guy a break

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