In their head – Suppertime

“What’s left to eat in the house?  Not much.  I need to go shopping.  Better eat first, so I don’t come home with a bag full of cookies again.  Frozen pizza or spaghetti?  Eh.  Something better.  Besides, I’m tired.  I don’t feel like cooking tonight.  Sit in a resturant, have some food brought to me, and read for awhile.
“Where should I go?  Indian?  Nah, something meatier.  Not Brazilian barbeque – that’s too fatty.  It leaves me sluggish.  Fish would be nice.  But I just had sushi. Besides, it’s too expensive.   Maybe some of that spicy Korean stew?  Yeah, that sounds right. 

“Chung Ki Wa is on the way to the store.  Maybe a little nap, then I’ll head out.”

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