Maybe some other time

Today was my first paying acting gig!  And it was the best kind, the kind where I got paid without having to do a thing.

I was scheduled to play an insane ex-secret agent for Urban Interactive.  Unfortunately the client, Fidelity Investments, cancelled because they’re a bit busy right now, what with the economy falling apart and all that.  So I showed up, collected my check, and left.

Actually, while the money is nice, I was really looking forward to toying with the minds of a group on a corporate outing.  All in good fun, of course.

Last Sunday, I got my first (unpaid) writer/director/actor credits.  I put together a short skit that was presented in the slots between sets at the Sgt. Culpepper show at ImprovBoston.  Thanks to the random audience member who was handcuffed for 45 minutes without really knowing what was going on!

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One thought on “Maybe some other time

  • Mark Bates

    Gratz! I know I would have enjoyed you messing with my corporate outing, if I had been unable to find an excuse to avoid a corporate outing in the first place!