Vinyl #9 – Necrophilia!

You’ve Been Having Sex with Dead People Again is another song from the WGDR days. The Objects recorded “Live at the Greatwood Cafe” at Goddard College in Plainfield Vt on 12/16/78. I was a senior in high school in the next town over at that time. I had no idea that the show was happening, but with song titles like “You Don’t Have to be Smart”, “I Hate This Place”, and “I was a Cosmonaut, You were a Mermaid”, if I had known I would have gone. I probably would have been disappointed, as “You’ve Been Having Sex…” is by far the best cut on the album. Then again, at the time any punk show in central Vermont was something to be celebrated.

I picked up the album a few years later when I was working at WGDR. The disc came in the sleeve from “Chaser” by John Lee and Gerry Brown, with an Objects cover taped over it by the band. Bongo’s is trying to sell a sealed copy for $350, calling it “Ultra Rare!” Somehow I doubt that it was shrinkwrapped originally. Acid Archives says “The LP has been offered as “rare garage psych” by record dealers since the mid-1980s, but not many people seem to like it, and it’s not a highly rated title today.” That’s more in line with reality.

The band does feature Marc Weinstein as the drummer, who went on to play with MX-80 Sound. They were on Ralph Records along with The Residents.

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