Grow up!

How can you slam dance after you realize the world is nobody’s fault?

-Daniel Handler, in and article about a Metric concert in The Show I’ll Never Forget, paraphrasing a Spin article

Is part of maturing realizing that bad things usually happen because of forces beyond anyone’s control, or do we just wear down as we grow older? Is it growing up, or giving up?

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2 thoughts on “Grow up!

  • Mina

    You can slam dance to Metric? 🙂

    Metric’s lyrics that I can recall (although, truth be told I only enjoyed one album of theirs, and didn’t take time to know the others so well) have that Canadian cynicism and outright disdain for the apathetic. Emily Haines always seemed to err more on the side that the world is everybody fault than nobody’s. “All we do is talk, static split screens as the homeland plans enemies… Invasion’s so succexy.”

    Perhaps growing up one realizes that youthful angst got you nowhere. Not quite defeatist, but you learn to regroup and refocus your energies. Wearing black doesn’t make one an activist, but luckily for you me and Denial Handler, with a column or a blog… you’re virtually there.