Ray Charbonneau is the author/editor of a number of running books.
That number is currently five. His work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor, Marathon & Beyond, and other publications.

“Ray Charbonneau is the finest unknown running writer in America. Hopefully the unknown part won’t last long. His understanding, insights and pure humor are not to be missed.”

Dan Solomon

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Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work

Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work tells the real truth about running with an entertaining mix of facts, fiction, and opinions, all written with Ray Charbonneau’s unique blend of curmudgeonly candor and humor.

See why Runner’s World called Ray Charbonneau a “New England running fixture” and why Mrs. Marble (Ray’s kindergarten teacher) said Ray “enjoys explaining his ideas at great length.”

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Overthinking the Marathon

Overthinking the Marathon is an intimate look at one man’s preparation for his 21st marathon.

“Marathon running is the easy part. It’s the thinking that’s the challenging part for the long-distance runner. Ray shares his internal dialogue with us as he readies himself for one more attempt at 26.2.”

Dave Goodrich, the “Marathon Maine-iac” (Marathon Maniac #238)

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Chasing the Runner’s High

“Reads as if someone was walking around a runner’s brain and explaining how it works, functions, thinks and survives…. Ray does a really great job of laying out the details in all of his stories. It’s as if they just happened and he is telling you how last weekend went over a beer. Except last weekend was a 50 miler through mud and mountains in Vermont, you know, a typical day for a runner.”


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The 27th Mile

Edited by Ray Charbonneau

All proceeds from sales of The 27th Mile go to support the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

The 27th Mile is not just another running book. It’s varied enough to be interesting, with articles, fiction, and poetry, but it’s focused enough to have a moral, emotional core that will resonate with runners and those who love them.”

Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon champion, Runner’s World editor-at-large (and The 27th Mile contributor)

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R is for Running

F is for FUN in this lighthearted lexicon that spells out what it means to be a runner.

It’s 26 smiles of running enjoyment!

An inexpensive gift for the road warrior, trail trotter, or weekend jogger

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