The 27th Mile

Edited by Ray Charbonneau

All proceeds from sales of The 27th Mile go to charity in memory of the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

A stellar group of writers who run, people like Jeff Galloway, Lawrence Block, Kathrine Switzer, and Ben Tanzer, have come together to bring you an entertaining collection of stories and articles inspired by our common passion for running.

The 27th Mile is dedicated to everyone who loves running or runners—first and foremost to those who were killed or injured at the marathon, but also to the people who, even as they eat dinner with their family, put in another eight hours at work, or sit and read this book, have already planned when they’ll go out for their next run.

The 27th Mile

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The 27th Mile is not just another running book. It’s varied enough to be interesting, with articles, fiction, and poetry, but it’s focused enough to have a moral, emotional core that will resonate with runners and those who love them.”

Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon champion, Runner’s World editor-at-large (and The 27th Mile contributor)

“I LOVED this book! From start to end I could barely put it down, every time I read one person’s story or poem I wanted to know what was waiting for me in the next chapter. It was like I was sitting round a table with a group of runners sharing their knowledge, inspiration, challenges, trials and passions with me.”

Ruth Naomi, The Crazy Runner Girl

“If you are a runner, this book is a must have. Not only for its fundrasing value, but reading this will remind you why you run, what got you into the sport and what keeps you going out on the roads every day despite whatever might be thrown at you.”

Bonnie Wilson, The Oregonian

“Wow! What a powerful book! I’m so glad I read it… I don’t consider myself a runner – I’ve only just begun dabbling with running by participating in my 1st 5K. But if this book doesn’t inspire you to think about running, nothing will.”

Danielle (Goodreads review)