Monthly Archives: June 2011

Marathon Talk

The book is “Great”

“Chasing the Runner’s High” gets a plug on this week’s Marathon Talk podcast, starting at about the 2:45 […]

Help Desk Dream

Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure has published a bit of my flash fiction titled “Help Desk Dream“.  On […]

Harriet Potter

The Potter Saga Continues…

Our friends at Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure recently asked for contributions based on public-domain Flickr images posted by the Smithsonian […]

Upcoming Book Events

Here’s an updated list of upcoming events where you can see me and find out more about my […]

SciFi Freedom #4 cover

Science Fiction Freedom

Science Fiction Freedom has accepted a story of mine for issue #6, due out in December 2011.  Maybe there’ll […]

Easy access for iDevices

Apple has updated the iTunes store’s design.  Now iDevice owners can use this link to go directly to […]